Best Programmatic Advertising Companies?

The “best” programmatic advertising company for your needs can vary depending on your specific requirements, budget, and advertising goals. There are many reputable programmatic advertising companies and platforms available. Here is a list of some of the well-known programmatic advertising companies as of my last knowledge update in January 2022:

  1. Google Display & Video 360: Formerly known as DoubleClick Bid Manager, this platform offers a comprehensive suite of programmatic advertising tools, including display, video, and TV advertising.
  2. The Trade Desk: Known for its robust demand-side platform (DSP), The Trade Desk provides advanced programmatic advertising solutions and access to various ad exchanges.
  3. AppNexus (Now part of Xandr by AT&T): AppNexus, now part of Xandr, offers a programmatic advertising platform with a focus on transparency and real-time bidding.
  4. MediaMath: MediaMath is a programmatic marketing technology company that offers a DSP and other advertising solutions to optimize campaigns.
  5. Adobe Advertising Cloud: Adobe’s platform offers programmatic ad buying and data management to help marketers deliver targeted and personalized advertising.
  6. Verizon Media DSP: This demand-side platform provides access to premium inventory across the Verizon Media network, which includes Yahoo, AOL, and more.
  7. Resona: Resona specializes in performance marketing and provides personalized programmatic advertising solutions for e-commerce companies.
  8. AdRoll (Now NextRoll): AdRoll offers programmatic advertising solutions that include retargeting, prospecting, and email marketing to drive conversion and revenue.
  9. Amobee: Amobee offers a comprehensive advertising platform that includes programmatic buying, data management, and advanced analytics.
  10. Sizmek by Amazon: Sizmek, now part of Amazon Advertising, provides creative data and programmatic solutions to optimize advertising campaigns.
  11. Centro Basis: Centro Basis is a programmatic advertising platform that focuses on automation and efficiency for both advertisers and agencies.
  12. Rocket Fuel by Sizmek: Rocket Fuel, now part of Amazon Advertising, offers AI-powered programmatic advertising solutions to optimize ad campaigns.
  13. Adform: Adform is a full-stack advertising platform offering programmatic advertising, creative solutions, and data management.
  14. AcuityAds: AcuityAds is a programmatic marketing platform with a focus on artificial intelligence and machine learning for campaign optimization.
  15. Dataxu by Roku: Dataxu, now part of Roku, provides a demand-side platform with a focus on OTT (over-the-top) and connected TV advertising.

It’s essential to evaluate these companies and platforms based on your specific advertising needs, budget, and the regions where you want to run your campaigns. Additionally, consider the level of support, transparency, and reporting offered by these providers. Before choosing a programmatic advertising company, it’s advisable to request demos, speak with their representatives, and, if possible, read reviews or case studies to ensure they align with your objectives. Please note that the programmatic advertising landscape can change, so verify the latest information and offerings before making a decision.

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