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Go beyond the capabilities of AdSense & GAM

Started your programmatic journey with AdSense or Google Ad Manager? Is it no longer enough? We’re ready for you. Get more demand partners, formats, better support, and of course, revenue.

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Scale your business, the sky is not the limit

Our publishers see an average 55% increase in revenue after joining us! Graduate from AdSense and level up your ad stack.

Connect with our team of experts

Extend your ad ops team and leverage our yield gurus, data scientists, account managers, and tech experts.

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Want to know if Resona is the right partner for you?

If you’re making over $2,000 in ad revenue, we can’t wait to welcome you!

Why Resona

With AdSense
With Resona
Stagnant AdSense revenue
30+ premium ad partners bidding for your ads
Managing everything yourself
Access to customer support 24/7
No time to build content & your audience
Personalized ad ops unique to your users and business
Poor user experience
AB testing & built-in Core Web Vitals monitoring
Hard to reach customer support
Get access to the team at Google – we’re a Certified Publishing Partner
Lacking brand safety
Strong brand safety measures – no more spammy ads

Confessions of an ex-AdSense publisher

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“I recently only monetized my sites with AdSense, but I have switched over to Resona and have seen a major revenue increase! It was super easy to move over from AdSense to Resona because of their amazing team. They always answered my questions super fast, and even jumped on a few calls with me to help me integrate their ads into my site. I can’t wait to work with them in the future, I would definitely go with Resona if you’re looking for an ad company to partner with.”

Peter, founder and owners

Seamlessly integrate your website platform or get custom expertise

Get ready to level up your programmatic ad revenue!

If you’re making over $2,000 in ad revenue, we can’t wait to welcome you!

Looking for something bigger?

Launch products faster, reduce development work, and retain control with our enterprise solution! Get a partner that works with your business structure and needs.