Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
Resona is responsible with all data. Do you want to learn more?
This Privacy Notice describes the sorts of information we gather, as well as how we use, disclose, and keep this information while delivering advertising services to SIA Setupad clients.

  1. Our Services
    Resona is a platform for yield management.

Resona is a company that creates and manages header-bidding technology.

We collect and keep Personal Information that you directly supply to us through the Website during the registration process or in conjunction with your usage of our Website. Everyone who want to use the platform and its features must first register with Resona. The registration process necessitates the submission of personal information such as complete name and contact information. When you choose to supply us with your Personal Information, you consent to its use as described in this Policy and as further described at the time of collection. If you opt not to give us with your Personal Information, we may be unable to provide you with full access to the Website or Services.

  1. Information gathered
    A user’s data and information may be gathered in the following ways:
  • website activity; – IP address; – date and time of visit; – device and browser information; – geographic information based on IP address (to the city level); – data on advertising delivered;
    -information liberated from other digital advertising networks
    -hashed email address – User ID in our system.

This information is only used in a non-personally identifiable manner for ad serving activities.

  1. Information exchange
    Resona does not disclose raw data collected to any other party.
    four. cookies
    Cookies are tiny files that a website or its service provider transfers to your computer’s hard disc (if you allow) to allow the site’s or service provider’s systems to recognise your browser and capture and store certain information. The use of cookies is a frequent and widespread practise in the advertising sector. Resona may use the following types of cookies:
  • cookies required for proper web site operation (e.g. authorization); – cookies collecting personally non-identifiable information on how people use Resona and tracking performance; – option and functionality choice storage to provide users with a customised and relevant experience; – targeting and advertising data cookies for the purposes of advertising campaign tracking, serving targeted relevant ads, and interest-based advertising.
  1. Cookie deletion
    Cookies can be erased by utilising privacy preferences in the user’s browser or application, or by using general system privacy settings (such as those found in the Android operating system). Resona will no longer be able to deliver relevant tailored advertising and will instead continue to serve basic non-personalized adverts.

To prevent cookies from being saved, please follow the instructions provided by your browser:

Google Chrome:

Mozilla Firefox:

Apple Support:

Internet Explorer is available at

The deactivation of cookie saving can have an impact on the normal operation of the site.

Please follow these steps to change your mobile device’s privacy settings:

Google Support for Android:

Apple Support:

  1. Safety
    Resona takes reasonable precautions to protect the data it collects from an accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, modification, unauthorised disclosure, processing, or access.

Resona is a member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau and adheres to its highest industry standards for digital advertising, including best practises for user privacy protection.

  1. Last words
    You agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this Privacy Policy by using our Website.
    If you have any questions or issues about the Privacy Policy or how to use the Website, please contact Resona at [email protected]